Boutique property development & management in the Rotterdam area

About us

De Zalm Property is our boutique property development and management company focused on the Rotterdam area. We buy, develop and maintain properties in good locations, in neighborhoods that we love and live in ourselves. Our properties are rented to like-minded people, whom we feel will appreciate what we have set out to achieve.

De Zalm Property is owned by Edzko and Ellen Smid. We are actively involved ourselves, from apprising and selecting potential projects up to and including the management of properties after they have been rented by our clients.


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Ellen and Edzko are first point of contact for our clients and we have an extensive network of partners with whom we all services required.

Our services include property appraisal & acquisition, development & renovation, operation & maintenance. We are also looking both for new properties to develop as well as for new tenants who are interested in renting or operating one of our existing properties.


Our portfolio of projects has been built up since 2017. We are in the first exciting phase of building up our portfolio with new projects.

In recent years we have acquired and developed the following properties in the Rotterdam area: